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Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

Midwest Mountain Guides Rock Climbing wisconsin minnesota  interstate park taylors falls devils lake climbing
Midwest Mountain Guides Rock Climbing wisconsin minnesota  interstate park taylors falls devils lake climbing
Midwest Mountain Guides Rock Climbing wisconsin minnesota  interstate park taylors falls devils lake climbing

Course Fees:

$600 for the 4-day SPI Course 

$300 for the 1 1/2-day Assessment

Days will average 8-10 hours in length plus 2-3 hours of individual practice and study time in the evening. Please arrive rested and free of other responsibilities during the course. If you are traveling, it is best to plan to schedule departures on the day following the last day of the course.


Course Description: 
This Thirty-Forty hour course builds upon the existing skills of competent recreational climbers taking an in depth look at site selection, equipment, knot selection, anchor construction, rope systems, Leave No Trace practices, rescue and assistance skills as well as key instructional skills. Most importantly the course stresses blending these skills together to form a more seamless and efficient climbing experience for participants. There are a number of climbing areas where managing climbs from the top is the best choice. A site over water is a great example as are locations where the approach leads to the top and the cliff sides are too difficult to easily hike down or are pristine and would suffer from impact. However, top managed sites have different risks and require different skills from base managed sites to effectively manage climbing groups. These include the use of on anchor belays by both instructors and students and presents the subtle but important differences in systems that make life easy on the top. The course also addresses rescue and assistance skills such as escaping on harness and on anchor belays and raising systems. The basics of mechanical advantage systems are taught and raises are practiced through assisted locking devices.

Exam & Single Pitch Module for Eligible Candidates:
The one-day examination stresses efficient site and gear utilization, client and instructor safety, site management and educational delivery. The exam may be taken any time after completing all course components. The SPCI module includes more detailed skills on top managed and single pitch leading related skills. The single pitch components require demonstration of comfortably lead climbing at a 5.6 standard on traditional routes. Also addressed are top transitions, client belaying and enhancing instructor safety.


YOU MAY BE EXPOSED TO SUBSTANTIAL PERSONAL RISK DURING THIS COURSE. You will be working close to cliff edges and on steep, exposed ledges. You may be asked to construct anchors and to rappel and belay from them without direct supervision from the instructor. This is not an introductory-level program. You cannot abdicate responsibility for yourself and must take full responsibility for your own security. If, in the instructor’s opinion, you do not display the skill and prudence necessary for the course, you may be asked to leave the course.

SPI Course Pre-Requisites
Candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of the course.

  • Show an adequate experience level to the course provider illustrating that they are ready for the course. Examples include regular climbing for 2 – 3 years, a high intensity of climbing in the past few months, etc.

  • Be able to comfortably set-up base managed climbs, to belay, and to rappel without guidance and can demonstrate detailed familiarity with anchoring principles, natural anchors and artificial anchors (wedges, hexes, passive and active protection). These skills may be assessed at the start of the course.

  • Arrive with the personal equipment necessary for the course.

  • Be capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 terrain while on a top rope.

  • Lead climbing experience is highly recommended but not required.

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